Aluminum Air Knife
Model:AK Series
Frequency:50/60 Hz

The air knife is a research and development by Chuan Fan company. The extruded aluminum, raindrops rectifier structure, uniform air flow pressure, low pressure drop, simple structure, strong material, easy to assemble. Adjustable outlet design, the outlet air flow is blown in one direction designed to meet the diverse production needs.

 Blowing the surface of the water or oil, cooling , hot air drying, etc



Estimates for Blowers

Airflow(m3/min)= Length (m) X Air outlet width (m) X Wind speed (m/sec) X 60 X (1.2~1.5)

Static pressure required(kPa)


Air Outlet Width
1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm

Static Pressure

10kPa or More
5~15kPa 3-8kPa 2~5kPa 1~3kPa

P.S. The above information is required (point of use) is calculated on
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